Tomb Sweeping day holiday 2020

April 4th-6th is Tomb Sweeping day holiday in China and both our TPC Ningbo and TPC Nanjing offices will be closed. Opening again April 7th.

If you have any urgent comments, please send us all before tomorrow Friday.

Two out of three TPC offices are now open!

The Coronavirus has now also reached Europe, Sweden and Stockholm where our TPC Sweden office is located.

We, like everyone else, take this very seriously and follow general recommendations why we from last week closed our TPC Stockholm office and instead we are working from home. We will still make some touchdowns in our office when needed.

In the same time we are extra happy to be able to inform you that both our TPC Nanjing and TPC Ningbo offices are 100% open and will make sure that our service for you won´t be affected. Also now all our factories are open.

To avoid the virus to start spreading again in China some actions still follows. Such as using 75% medical alcohol or similar to clean/disinfect homes and offices every day, checking body temperature to make sure one stay at home if any infection risk, wearing masks outside and sometimes at the office and by avoiding crowds. Also, people are still staying mostly at home, avoiding to go outside to shop or going to restaurants etc.

As we know that many of you also work from home these days, we will make sure to contact you before any sending to agree on best arrangement.

Please also remember that we always can arrange photos, films or links which can help you proceed your business in the best way when parcel sendings might be difficult to receive. Let´s be creative here!

Together we will overcome this, stay safe!

Your TPC Textile team

Offices, fabric mills and garment factories still closed

We are sorry to inform you that both our offices, fabric mills and garment factories can’t open by today (10th Feb. 2020) as the original plan. For fabric mills, most of fabric mills located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province, will be delayed to open on 20th Feb. 2020. For garment factories, all of our cooperated garment factories had […]

Office plan during the Chinese New Year

TPC Ningbo office will be closed Jan 23 – Feb 2 2020, resume for work on Feb 3. Fabric mills: Jan 10 – Feb 10 2020. Garment factories: Jan 15 – Feb 10 2020. TPC Nanjing office will be closed Jan 23 – Feb 2 2020, resume for work on Feb 3. Fabric mills: Jan 10 – Feb 10 […]

Our great international TPC Team!

In our opinion you get the best team when you can mix skills, personalities, ages, experiences, competences, origin and gender. That is why we are so very happy and proud of our TPC Team! It is exactly this group and mix of people that makes TPC what it is. At TPC Textile we are today […]

TPC shortlist

We care about you as our customer and the quality of our deliveries. To make it all clear we´ve summerized it in the ”TPC shortlist”. Click the picture below to see our services or call us for an update.

Proud producer

We are happy to share this lovely photo of the Swedish Royal family during The Biathlon World Cup which recently took place in Östersund.